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DC College Benefits

COST CONTROL: Proper usage of chemicals, proper dilution and using the proper procedures can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars per year.

SAFETY: Employees who are well trained help prevent accidents. It is estimated that every accident at work costs a company over $5000.00 in related costs.

MOTIVATION: What's a motivated employee worth? More money than you could ever give them. Name your top three employees. You can bet they are the most motivated in your work force.

RESULTS: Says it all. Your facility looks great. Your budget is under control. The boss is happy.

Training Excellence

DAWNCHEM has developed an exclusive training process geared towards the Housekeepers and Custodial Professionals.


It has been proven that the average person needs to be told 4 - 5 times before they retain the knowledge

This Program along with visual training aids helps get the point across.

DAWNCHEM Training Facility

A 2000 sq.ft Training center specially designed for custodial training

Hard Floor


Demonstration Bathroom

Video Training Library

Wall Charts and posters used for presentations

DAWNCHEM supplies all materials for DC College.


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