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Talk Green To Me Program

Benefits of Green Cleaning

  • Reduce Health Effects
  • Increase Safety
  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase Occupant & Worker Safety
  • Reduce Environmental Impacts
  • Deliver the lowest cost janitorial program

GS37 Standards were developed by Green Seal. They are an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the environment by promoting the sale of environmentally responsible products. Some of the characteristics of a GS-37 Product are:

  • Must be biodegradable
  • Must not contain dyes or be packaged in an aerosol can
  • Must have a pH between 4 and 9
  • Must not be toxic to human or aquatic life
  • Must not contain persistent or bioaccumulative substances
  • Must be bio-based (renewable resources)
  • Must not be combustible
  • Must not contain petroleum distillates
  • VOC levels must meet or be less than the CCR (California)

DAWNCHEM offers a wide variety of GREEN cleaning products from brands like Spartan, Butchers, Bay West, Kutol, Tennant, Kaivac, The Andersen Company, Technical Concepts, Falcon Waterfree, and Fortune Plastics.

The Time To Start Is NOW!

Recent developments are now in place to make all facility managers implement "GREEN THINKING" in their janitorial programs.

Here's why:

Federal Mandates are in place: All Federal Facilities must be "GREEN" within two years. This includes Federal Buildings, Jails, Courthouses, Post Office, VA Hospitals, etc.

Six States (California, Massachusetts, Vermont, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Washington) all follow current Federal Government guidelines or have developed their own guidelines to "GREEN" their buildings.

Dozens of counties and hundreds of cities throughout the United States are in the process of writing and implementing their own guidelines.

Companies who comply with ISO Standards are now being required to follow ISO 14000 Standards. This standard outlines key requirements companies should comply with in order to operate in an environmentally responsible manner.

Green Cleaning is not scary and it is not more expensive. In the short run it is "cost neutral," and in the long run it could save your company a huge amount of money. Be implementing Green Cleaning you can:

  • Reduce legal liabilities
  • Prevent accident & environmental damage
  • Reduce VOC's & improve indoor air quality
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Improve facility (corporate) image
  • Reduce waste and disposal costs

Five ideas to ensure success in your Green Program!

  1. Form a Stewardship Task Force to keep your plans in action.
  2. Communicate your plans and goals to employees, tenants, others.
  3. Use incentives to encourage success and/or rewards for ideas.
  4. Constantly review action plan, make changes when needed.
  5. Publicize your actions to the press, your employees and neighbors.